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  Workflow Kit for a Master-Project Board System

The Master-Project Workflow Kit is a cross-board workflow setup

This Workflow Kit allows you to set up an unlimited number of (project) boards that are all reporting into one central Master board in Trello.

Workflow Kit Master-Project Board System

Download Workflow Kit

The Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System allows you to connect multiple boards together. Trello boards that can be embedded into a super flexible workflow has been a demand of thousands of Trello users. With this cross-board functionality, now individual board setups can be utilized that build a web of tangentially connected boards within Trello.

Workflow Kit Master-Project Board System

With this cross-board functionality you can design workflows you always wished were possible, but never knew how to set them up. In fact, Trello was lacking the ability to add cross-board and cross-project planning and scheduling features. This made managing multiple project boards a hard undertaking. With the addition of a little automation helper, this is now entirely possible.

The board system is based on using a certain set of labels for copying and syncing the cards between boards. But even this set of labels can be adjusted and extended. On top to the features included, you can add your own workflow sequences and thus build your own board system.

The features of this board setup include:

  • Copy cards between boards
  • Use labels as triggers
  • Sync cards between boards
  • Special deadline signalization
  • Move finished tasks into a separate board (repository/library board)

Download Workflow Kit

Each PROJECT board is a functioning unit in itself. It certainly needs the basic commands to ‘connect’ and ‘sync’ with the MASTER’s board, but if you need a special setup for a PROJECT board with additional automation features, that is entirely possible. There is enough flexibility to accommodate that. And, you don’t necessarily need to apply these to all other PROJECT boards!