Workflow Kit for Rolling Calendar

The Rolling Calendar works as a moving calendar.

Instead of using a static calendar that is fixed to some periodic perspective, a Rolling Calendar allows to work with predefined time frames that ‘roll in’ continuously.

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This Workflow Kit for Rolling Calendar is a sophisticated calendar application within Trello. The Workflow Kit contains 3 different time frame setups, which of course are customizable:

  • a 6-day weekday Rolling Calendar
  • a 10-day weekday Rolling Calendar
  • a 12-day weekday & weekend Rolling Calendar

These are the 4 feature categories this Workflow Kit is made of:

  • Automated Calendar Setup - continuous building and updating of your Rolling Calendar based on your preferences (weekdays only, full weeks, setting of time frames)
  • Recurring Tasks - they can be daily or somewhat periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., or even targeting fixed dates, like every 15th of the month)
  • Email Inbox - have tasks send into the board by email or 3rd party automation tools and add them to your calendar
  • Housekeeping - these commands make sure your Rolling Calendar is always up-to-date and not finished tasks are rolled over into the next day(s)

Download Workflow Kit